The Food Bank

Meeting with the specialists of the Food Bank


On 10th June at our ward we participated in workshops led by the workers of the Food Bank in Cracow. The Food Bank is the institution of utility, which daily opposes food wasting and fights undernourishment. We discovered that it’s a huge problem, although not very noticeable in everyday life. In Poland yearly consumers throw away over 2 million tons of food.

We also discovered that many young volunteers work in the organization that help with the food-raisings.

The most controversial was the information that in order to produce 1 kilogram of beef 5 thousand liters of water are used.

There are more and more donors (food-producing companies, farmers) involved in counteraction of undernourishment.

At the meeting we solved a quiz about the proper way of storing food in the fridge.

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  • Yes Anna, wasting food is a huge problem in western society. It is good to become well aware of this and use our food in the best way possible. So many hands and work go into each bite we take every day. Good to hear you have been studying this.

    bless bless Lilianne
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