Do you remember our lessons about spices?

    To continue The Coloured World of Spices some of us went to the Oriental Art Museum of Turin to see the exhibition "On the spices rout".
    We followed the long paths, that all spices have to come: from their countries of origin, through the market places, up to our kitchens.

    The exhibition was accompanied by beautiful National Geographic photos and by the great number of real spices, which we could see and smell!:)

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    One of the branches of energy industry in Poland is mining.

    We had an opportunity to see The Mine Museum in AGH University of Science and Technology.

    We learnt about the history of mining in Poland, how do miners work under the ground and how difficult and danger that work is.

    We had some discussion about the changes required by ecology and sustainability. We were thinking if coal mines have any future....…

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  • We celebrated World Toilet Day!

    The 19th of November is the World Toilet Day celebrated to point out the problem of hygiene all around the world. We joined this event and we spent one school day talking about all the issues connected with the toilet.

    In the morning we started with the lesson of the Greek and Latin, where we saw the presentation about the history of the toilets, ruins of them in Pompeii and habits in the toilet of our antic ancestors. Successful presentation also taught us to say in antic Greek and Latin the words linked with the day topic.


    Moreover, there was a time for present excellent Italian literature by Boccaccio and his Decameron. We listened to one of our teachers reading and telling a remarkable example of the best world toilet literature. Later we had also the possibility to watch part of the movie “Decameron” by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

    We also…

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Our Project Aims

To investigate energy awareness and climate change issues at various levels: national, local (school) and individual (pupil, parent, teacher).

To use this increased awareness to enable shared problem solving and encourage participants to become advocates for living more sustainably.

To develop creative links between schools and the wider world through gathering information from energy specialists, scientists, environmental lobbyists etc.

To enable young people to practise and value collective working both in their own schools and wider communities and through International partnership.


Our project magazine can be ordered here: