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  • Green houses

    The project gave us a strong inspiration for thinking about our Planet and our influence on It. Green Houses are great solution to make some steps towards saving the Nature.

    Below, there is a presentation which can give us some great ideas.


    The presentation was created by the Nature teacher - Renata

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  • Climate change

    Pupils from the secondary school in the Day Ward had some classes about the climat change. First they watched the film about the changes in all over the world then they had some discussion about it. Finally they created posters to show how they see this problem.

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  • The magic of seeds

    Ever since Shaun and Fred showed us how to make movies with the wonderful tool called "Movie Maker" when they visited us with Kim and Isabella last March (see Iceland 2014) we have been practising and doing more videos with our students. It is fun to use Lego for that purpose and the kids love it, up to a point (they get tired after a while). So, to begin with we did a quick one. After a short experiment called A dangerous car crash we decided to make one with an environmental message. It was almost ready two months ago but was delayed because the students got impatient, then we had other things to do, meanwhile the video got slightly damaged, had to be reshaped and repaired and was put on hold and postponed indefinitely and so forth, until now, when it is finally here, just out of the editing room  :-):

      The Magic of Seeds.  :-)  I hope you like it.


    The message of the video is very simple but it is more about the "harmony" of life that trees sustain rather than "climate change" as such.  But in either case, it all comes back to us in the end. 

    p.s. Frankly I wasn´t sure where to put this message but since we plant trees in order to reduce our carbon footprint, I guess it fits into this category of "Climate change". 

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  • Big Green Footsteps logo

    We learnt that logos are used by companies for customers to recognise their products. 

    For the Big Green Footsteps, we learnt to design a logo for everyone to use. This will link the countries together and remind us of the reason for the project - to think green!

    How about a competition to see which logo could be used by everyone? 


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  • First term at Collingham

    At Collingham, in the Green classroom, we've been finding out about how the atmosphere has changed over time.

    We looked at the pollutants produced by volcanoes and how early eruptions changed our atmosphere.

    The children built a model volcano around a film canister (the crater) using mud rock – picture attached.  Each child chose an area around the fertile volcanic land to build a village.  We poured vinegar into the canister with red food colouring, popped in half an Alka-Seltzer tablet and placed the lid on.  The reaction produces carbon dioxide gas.  After a few seconds our volcano erupted shooting the cap of the volcano and spewing lava down the sides.  Only one of our villages was destroyed in the eruption...

    We then looked at how human activities affect the atmosphere and how we can reduce the pollutants produced.  We found out about what causes pollution and what alternative energy forms there are.  We found out how catalytic converters and scrubbers work as well as how the carbon cycle keeps the conditions in the atmosphere in balance.

    Bellow is a photo of some of the work we produced.

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