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  • We celebrated World Toilet Day!

    The 19th of November is the World Toilet Day celebrated to point out the problem of hygiene all around the world. We joined this event and we spent one school day talking about all the issues connected with the toilet.

    In the morning we started with the lesson of the Greek and Latin, where we saw the presentation about the history of the toilets, ruins of them in Pompeii and habits in the toilet of our antic ancestors. Successful presentation also taught us to say in antic Greek and Latin the words linked with the day topic.

    Moreover, there was a time for present excellent Italian literature by Boccaccio and his Decameron. We listened to one of our teachers reading and telling a remarkable example of the best world toilet literature. Later we had also the possibility to watch part of the movie “Decameron” by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

    We also gave ten minutes to the toilet art and to discover the different shapes of the toilet due to new design. We also spoke about the strange artist Piero Manzoni: He put his excrement to a can in 1971 and he wrote there „The shit of the artist“.

    In the artistic way we continued listening two funny songs by Roberto Piumini „La canzone della cacca“ and by Roberto Benigni „Il corpo sciolto“.

    Playing the game, where we had to match the flags with the phrase „I want to pee,“ in many European languages was a funny part before the important information about the World toilet day that we gained in English from the teacher of this language. Furthermore we listened to one song made for this day about the problems with the hygiene. The Singing toilet informed us how many children die because of this issue and overall we recognized that the toilet is a very important life-saver.

    The last lesson was about physic and chemic process of sewers and why it is so useful to respect the hygienic rules. We were speaking also about the Italian region Piedmont, where our hospital is situated.

    In the end we were preparing the advent calendar for the coming December. And which material we should use in this special day? Of course the rolls of toilet paper! Students decorated every of the 24 rolls, in the December they will be closed with a gift inside and day by day, until Christmas Eve, we will open them.

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  • World Ocean's Day-June 8th

    This coming weekend, the world is celebrating Ocean's Day to celebrate the beauty of our oceans and to show the world that we need to take better care of our oceans! About 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans so it is very important to do our best to help keep them clean! Also, more than 97% of all of our planets water is contained in the ocean, so it is not only important to save our oceans for the fish but for ourselves too!

    This week, our students learned about all of the pollution going on in our oceans! Here are some (not so) fun facts that we discovered:

    • Today, there is an island of garbage that is twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean! Not only that, but right off the coast of the beautiful Maldives is an island of garbage that is full of all of the garbage from the resorts on the islands!
    • About 1 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, storm-water, and industrial waste are discharged into ocean waters every year!
    • A single quart of motor oil can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of drinking water in the oceans!
    • Plastic is the most common form of garbage that gets dumped into the ocean, and is the most dangerous because it stays in the water for many, many years!

    To show how important the marine life in our oceans are, our students are making 3D models of their favorite sea creatures and will then show how they are affected by pollution, such as plastic. Here is a picture showing the first step of building our models! 

    So in honor of World's Ocean Day this weekend, what can you do to help save the ocean?

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