Tonnes of rubbish... what next?

In January, we had another Comenius workshop in the

St.Ludwik`s Hospital. This time the title was “Tonnes of rubbish... what next?”.

During the meeting ,the pupils found out about:

  • places where rubbish goes after it leaves our houses

  • what happens during segregation

  • what happens with rubbish that goes to only one collective container

  • refuse heaps and garbage incinerators

  • recycling

As a didactic help, we used Alex Frith`s book : “Recycling and waste” We also used a computer

game- “Waste recycling”

The kids also learned the meaning of the ecological signs that can be found on the packages of products.

The last task was to find the signs on different packages (e.g. on plastic bottles, paper boxes and glass) and to explain their meaning.

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