Student Blog: Art from recycled books

Hello my friends!   We are Unnar and Axel from iceland.

we would like to show you some photos from an art exhibition we went to last week.

 It showed art made of recycled books and paper.

We hope you like it.

Best wishes

Unnar (10) and Axel (10)

Finally a gun magazine with the word "prey"

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  • Katarzyna from the third class of gimnazjum: I like the last thing (gun magazine) but it must have taken a lot of work, I don`t think I would have so much patience for that kind of work.
  • It really makes impression. I do like it !
  • This looks marvellous. Thanks for sharing your exhibition with us!

    I once got very worried about the waste of all the newspapers in the London Tube and was relieved to find out that there are many artists using them for wonderful things, like these bike helmets:
    What do you guys think of these?
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