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As promised some explanation for the Go-fish game. We made the game in four stages. First the group of 6 students, who were with us in the fall, made the original. Each student made two groups of cards cutting items from magazines. Then we discovered the website of kwartet cadeau and made the same game in English with another group of 6 students using the software on the site. After receiving the first print, we had several try outs in Iceland and Poland, and decided to translate the English game in Icelandic. One of our teenage students worked on that in Icelandic lessons. We ordered two games in the Icelandic version to be ready for the Chidren's Culture Festival. Unfortunately these games got lost in the post. Meanwhile we sought fundraisers. Sorpa the recycle company of Reykjavik was very enthusiast about the game and decided to support us and cooperate to make a final print run of 500 games to be used in the educational department of Sorpa. Of course we had to adjust the game to their wishes. One of our 10th grade students worked on the final version until Sorpa was satisfied. The company Kwartet Cadeau in Holland helped to adjust the colour scheme according to the recycle groups of Sorpa. All school parties who will visit Sorpa in the near future to learn all about recycling will get a game from them to take to their classroom. So our game will be all over Reykjavik and maybe Iceland. We were very happy and grateful with this opportunity. Sorpa supported us again to make 4 games in English for our partners. So now we can all play!

Rules Go fish- quartet


The goal of the game: the player who collects the most 4-card stashes wins.

Start mixing up all playing cards and divide them equally between all players. 

The youngest player may start to ask for a card.

He can only ask a card from a group of 4 he has himself.

He has to ask a specific card from a specific person.

For example: “Anna do you have from “General waste” – “Chewing gum”?

If Anna has the card she has to give it. After receiving a card the player can continue and ask any other person for another card.

If Anna does not have the card, it is her turn to ask someone a card from a group she has.

The game continues until all 4-card stashes have been collected. The player with the most stashes wins.


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  • Hi Lilianne, Hi ...nice blog
    I'm having a "games " day today at Saint MAry's site. This morning we played the Italian game loop and now having read through instructions for endurvinnsia...go Fish ...i am going to play it with some secondary students this afternoon. It looks really good....as the students are older and highish ability while we play we will also test our energy saving and ere cycling knowledge by getting the students to discuss the re cycling and re using possibilities for the categories and objects . looking forward to it ....I will take photos of us playing and let you know how we got on....would you like the students to give reviews, suggestions /ratings or if you have a survey about it we can fill it in. Tell the students that our English students are very impressed with the quality and look of the game. And now for playtime!
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