Collaborative Jigsaw Puzzle


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  • Dear friends, since our last post we have decided to change the look of the collaborative jigsaw puzzle as we felt it was becoming too complicated. The new look of the jigsaw puzzle will incorporate two giant footsteps made up from the collages we have received from our partnering schools. Watch this space to see how this develops.

    -Best wishes from UK Jigsaw Production. A.K.A Shaun's Art class.
  • I can`t see our parts!!
  • The puzzle is simply bustling with life :-) It looks terrific. But is it still growing? I wonder if we should add more people and modes of transportation in our vision of the future. Hikers and bikers and gliders and lovers and...
  • This is going great. It will be exciting to see it grow! And quite a challenge to puzzle with it later!

    Thanks for sharing, Lilianne
  • Wow! Great job, Shaun. I can also recognize something done from the italian pupils...
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