The 5th of May we carried out a workshop about etiquettes, the unnoticeable parts of the products of daily use. In the beginning of the lesson we discussed about the new norm/standards set by the European Union. Since January the rules about what must be written in the products had changed and we wanted to control the consequences of this new law in the famous Italian world of food.

New regulations include the following parameters: The label of the product must be at least 1,2mm (the measure on the small products is allowed to be 0,9mm). On every piece of the confection must be written the date of expiration. The number of the rules of the nutria table is by now increased, therefore there are seven mandatory elements to sign on. Vegetal oils, for example, is a new element which must be written for whole. From the very first day of the year 2015 the food factories as well as the restaurants must include all the most typical allergens (nuts, etc.) on visible part of the cover of a product or in the menu.

During the second part of the lesson our students filled out the tables of the products in the way to find all obligate information on each product (photo below) and in the end to judge the clearness of all information mentioned.

Our students have found out many mistakes on the products, for example using of the wrong sizes, unspecified allergens and so on.

Since now we can finally understand all the elements and aspects which we have to consider before to buy a product!

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