The magic of seeds

Ever since Shaun and Fred showed us how to make movies with the wonderful tool called "Movie Maker" when they visited us with Kim and Isabella last March (see Iceland 2014) we have been practising and doing more videos with our students. It is fun to use Lego for that purpose and the kids love it, up to a point (they get tired after a while). So, to begin with we did a quick one. After a short experiment called A dangerous car crash we decided to make one with an environmental message. It was almost ready two months ago but was delayed because the students got impatient, then we had other things to do, meanwhile the video got slightly damaged, had to be reshaped and repaired and was put on hold and postponed indefinitely and so forth, until now, when it is finally here, just out of the editing room  :-):

  The Magic of Seeds.  :-)  I hope you like it.


The message of the video is very simple but it is more about the "harmony" of life that trees sustain rather than "climate change" as such.  But in either case, it all comes back to us in the end. 

p.s. Frankly I wasn´t sure where to put this message but since we plant trees in order to reduce our carbon footprint, I guess it fits into this category of "Climate change". 

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  • Nice to read all your replies and to see that the message comes across, both the environmental one as well as the romance of being "in harmony". Thanks.
  • Pupils from the third class of gimnazjum: Kasia - it was very romantic; Karolina - it was a nice movie to watch;
  • BRAVI RAGAZZI! I watched the film just now (probably becouse it was the end of school year and I had missed it): so congratulations to the kids who worked on it. The film is lovely!
  • Hi Thorsteinn and students...Absolutely love it...looks like you must have worked very hard!
  • What a great film - I love the fact that it has English and Icelandic subtitles so we can all understand!
  • Great little video. Lego really works well for stop motion films. Congratulations to the hard working students who put it together.
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