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  • Visit to Poland 2015

    Our trip started in a hard winter but we landed in spring in Poland. From our Hotel we could walk to the hospital which was a good bonus. At the school we met this nice and polite young people and teachers, looking into some classes, teaching what we had brought with us, some craftwork in my case and cooking and games by Thorunn. I brought with me some knives and taught them how to make a flute out of yllir ( Elder (sambucus). To make a long story short nobody cut themselves and all got sounds out of their flute. I m not sure if the staff were as enthusiastic as the children about the sounds. We had a very interesting guided tour in the old city given by Andreas, the English teacher, we loved it. Dining out was inexpensive and delicious and we sure would like to go back in the summertime. Thanks to you all, and especially Anna, who arranged everything most beautifully.

    Wednesday       18.3.

    Thorunn played our timeline game with the students and they seamed to like it. Later that day we had a common meeting with the children and although we didn't understand  we had the feeling that they had a serious exchange of meanings. Afterwards we made introduction about Iceland and we showed YouTube film about what Icelandic children do in their free-time. Afterwards pupils served us tasteful lunch they had made for us. Later that day Thorunn gave a cooking lesson baking Icelandic pancakes with sugar and jam. 

    After school we had a very nice and informative sight-seeing tour with Andrzej, the English teacher, around the old town. It was a history lesson as well, we enjoyed it very much. In the evening we had meal with some of the teachers at Mieta Resto bar, good food, elegant surroundings and very reasonably priced.  

    Thursday 19.3.                 

    In the morning I did some wooden workshop with the older kids making wooden flutes from Elder which somebody had been so kind to cut free in the morning for us, pruning the garden. Thorunn played both Timeline and Quartet with the children.

    After that we went to the playschool did some introduction of Iceland and played Memory which the children had made themselves, and we received it as a present in the end. Later that day, younger children had their wooden-workshop with mass production of flutes. Thorunn played Timeline and the children drew wonderful pictures of the animals which we needed to complete our Timeline. 

    Friday 20.3. we went to this beautiful Congress hall and saw a show about science, at the ICE Congress Center Kraków .

    In the evening Anna took us with her to her home town where the famous saltmines are.

    Saturday 21.3. We were very impressed by the artwork show of the students, which was opened during the congress"In search of integration: working with students who suffer from psychological disorders" in the Museum of Contemporary Art "MOCAK" Krakow, 21.-22.3. 

    Krakow is a very interesting place to visit more than once. We hope to come back one day.

    Thanks and greetings Þórunn and Bjarni 

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